Boyd County Clerk's Office

Boyd County
Clerks Office

2018 Delinquent Tax Bills

 Bill NumberNameLocationDistrictStatusTotal
Details173008 BATH AVENUE TRUST3008 BATH AVENUEAshland Created $87.96
Details82ABIGAYLE GRACE CRITES TRUST3793 PINETERRACE DRIVECounty/Summit Ironville Sold $2,566.16
Details124ADAIR ANTHONY LAVAUGHN & ANTHONY LEE288 LEE STREET WWFairview/West Wood Sold $512.54
Details255ADAMS LEATHA & DORSAL1721 DAVIS BRANCHCounty/East Fork Created $156.07
Details267ADAMS MILLARD B & MARY JELTURA STREETAshland Created $85.67
Details306ADDINGTON STEPHEN & ROBERT CO-TRUST2735 OAK HILL LANECounty/Cannonsburg Sold $11,014.10
Details310ADKINS & GEARHEARTRIVERVIEW BLVDCounty/England Hill Created $103.29
Details314ADKINS AMBRESS -ESTATE-BOONE STREETAshland Created $68.54
Details335ADKINS BRYAN KWEST CENTRAL AVENUEFairview/West Wood Created $323.64
Details337ADKINS CARL E & VIVIAN LHIDEAWAY HILLSCounty/England Hill Created $208.84
Details371ADKINS ELAINE SUE3308 ROBERTS DRIVE LOT 6County/Ashland Annex Created $202.06
Details413ADKINS JANNA & PRESTON131 MARCUM ST WWFairview/West Wood Created $1,492.32
Details418ADKINS JEREMIAH & JANNAMARCUM ROAD WWFairview/West Wood Created $323.64
Details459ADKINS MILFORD JRNEW BUCKLEY ROADCounty/West Wood Created $399.82
Details464ADKINS PATRICIA J5337 VALLEY VIEW DRIVECounty/Ashland Annex Created $1,023.69
Details466ADKINS PATTYVALLEY VIEW & STATE ROUTE 168County/Ashland Annex Created $113.38
Details467ADKINS PATTY JVALLEY VIEW & STATE ROUTE 168County/Ashland Annex Created $139.04
Details585AKERS ANN3008 CENTRAL AVENUEAshland Created $698.63
Details607AKERS RUBY M916 PROSPECT AVENUEAshland Created $674.68
Details608AKERS SCOTT D & REBECCA L MAYS AKERS29TH STREETAshland Created $162.15
Details672ALIFF EMMAW RIDGE SCOTT TRCounty/Ashland Annex Created $202.06
Details711ALLEN EDWARD JR & LORETTARADIO PARKCatlettsburg Created $87.69
Details713ALLEN GLADYS B -ESTATE-HICKORY STREETCatlettsburg Created $99.35
Details715ALLEN JACQUELINE1090 MARIE LANE &18211 BIG RUN TRACECounty/East Fork Sold $975.15
Details905ARCH COAL TERMINAL INCLOCKWOOD EAST SIDE OF US 23County/Big Sandy Created $3,508.49
Details1023ARTHUR DOUGLAS R1669 GREENTREE CTCounty/Cannonsburg Created $73.14
Details1030ARTHUR JAMES -ESTATE-MCKNIGHT STREET WWFairview/West Wood Created $94.87
Details1060ARTRIP CHARLES & MARY B141 WEST VINE STREETCounty/Summit Ironville Created $801.93
Details1347ASHLAND RENTAL & SALES INC1161 2ND CIRCLE PROSPECTAshland Created $264.89
Details1348ASHLAND RENTAL & SERVICE INC1245 WINCHESTER AVEAshland Floodwall Created $3,460.92
Details1349ASHLAND RENTAL & SERVICES INC1233 WINCHESTER AVENUEAshland Floodwall Created $270.60
Details1399ASHWORTH PAUL & REED LISA L314 10TH STREETCatlettsburg Created $444.81
Details1469AVERY RUSTY545 NEWSOME AVENUE WW LOT 6Fairview/West Wood Created $75.59
Details1500B & C RENTAL PROPERTIES INCWEST VIRGINIA STREET WWFairview/West Wood Created $323.64
Details1586BAILEY EARL & FLOSSIECARTER AVENUEAshland Floodwall Created $184.98
Details1695BALDWIN ANGELA KAY15705 STATE ROUTE 854County/East Fork Created $656.15
Details1702BALL DONALD G & GEORGENE1703 BLACKBURN AVENUEAshland Created $149.61
Details1798BARBER SAM D & PEGGY LOU3550 SOUTH 29TH STREETAshland Created $176.97
Details1823BARKER BARBARA JVERNON STREETAshland Created $59.43
Details1829BARKER D N MRS MAY ESTATE4114 VERNON STREETAshland Created $253.46
Details1841BARKER HERMAN849 GAIL DRCounty/Summit Ironville Created $173.65
Details1842BARKER HERMAN & ANNIE864 GAIL DRCounty/Summit Ironville Created $186.24
Details1884BARNETT JAMES D & KEVIN S BARNETT2400 WALNUT STREETCatlettsburg/Flood Wall Created $1,168.39
Details1889BARNETT LEAR -ESTATE-TRACE ROADCounty/East Fork Created $70.63
Details1894BARNETT RACHEL -ESTATE-GILLAM & ROBINSON ADDCounty/Summit Ironville Created $70.63
Details1917BARNEY WILLIAM3017 SIMPSON ROADAshland Created $327.67
Details2031BAYLESS CHARLES DMAIN STREET WWFairview/West Wood Created $323.64
Details2053BAYVIEW LOAN SERVICING LLC15441 STATE ROUTE 854County/East Fork Sold $1,764.92
Details2229BELLAMY NOAH S & MABEL9944 ALLEY BRANCHCounty/England Hill Created $312.11
Details2315BENTLEY LEE & JUANITAGREEN HILLS SUBD PARCELCounty/Summit Ironville Created $66.87
Details2319BENTON LYNN17107 STATE ROUTE 854County/East Fork Created $294.28
Details2328BERRY CHRISTOPHER2505 OAKLAWN COURTAshland Sold $223.73
Details2372BERSCHEIT LARRY MRSSPRING STREETCatlettsburg Created $99.35
Details2373BESCO LARRY2710 CRAWFORD STREETAshland Created $150.74
Details2374BESTER DAWN ANN2414 MAIN STREETAshland Created $692.95
Details2382BEVINS CHARLES SBLACKBURN AVENUEAshland Created $162.15
Details2383BEVINS CHARLES S1217 LONG STAshland Created $1,332.13
Details2384BEVINS CHARLES S1217 1225 LONG STAshland Created $1,075.30
Details2385BEVINS CHRIS114 PATTON DRRussell/West Wood Sold $1,407.68
Details2386BEVINS CHRIS1584 GREENTREE CTCounty/Cannonsburg Created $73.14
Details2415BIG BLUE REAL ESTATE LLC2126 OAKVIEW ROADAshland Created $384.74
Details2561BLACKBURN DARLENECENTRAL AVENUEAshland Floodwall Created $105.08
Details2562BLACKBURN HAROLD-ESTATE-CANNONSBURG ROADCounty/England Hill Created $73.14
Details2611BLAIR B F -ESTATE-RACE STREETCatlettsburg/Flood Wall Created $99.35
Details2636BLAIR KATHY JUSTICE & JAMES JR6827 STATE ROUTE 5County/Summit Ironville Sold $803.45
Details2677BLANKENSHIP JOE HHART STREETAshland Created $67.42
Details2688BLANKENSHIP SHELBY & ETALS2724 MONTGOMERY AVENUEAshland Created $242.06
Details2753BLEVINS AMY K2622 LYNNWOOD AVENUEAshland Created $1,183.78
Details2754BLEVINS ANGELA3629 STATE ROUTE 5County/Summit Ironville Created $3,176.78
Details2797BLEVINS JULIANNE1835 6TH STREETAshland Created $390.44
Details2798BLEVINS JULIANNE LAYMAN &3123 COGAN STREETAshland Created $840.16
Details2811BLEVINS KERRIE R2325 MOORE STREETAshland Created $527.41
Details2826BLEVINS PAULINE2917 OHIO STREET WWFairview/West Wood Created $436.62
Details2891BLOWN AWAY HAIR AND NAIL SALON3417 BLACKBURN AVEAshland Created $208.93
Details2946BOCOOK DANNY L & JUDY A2821 HAMPTON STAshland Created $474.90
Details2950BOCOOK HELEN3018 LOUISA STREETCatlettsburg/Flood Wall Created $398.14
Details2999BOGGS WILLIAM14826 RICE LANECounty/Cannonsburg Created $1,131.12
Details3002BOHAN LINDA D1261 COURT OF THREE SISTERS LOT A-9County/Cannonsburg Created $178.68
Details3023BOLT DEBRA2256 THOMAS STREETAshland Created $399.59
Details3030BOLT MICHAEL P23442 JACKS FORK ROADCounty/East Fork Created $254.08
Details3152BOWEN EDWIN M8239 JOHNSON FORKCounty/England Hill Created $834.58
Details3224BOWLING KEVIN1682 GREENTREE CTCounty/Cannonsburg Created $73.14
Details3252BOWLING RODNEY D24711 ELMER BOWLING ROADCounty/East Fork Sold $2,566.51
Details3271BOWMAN FORTUNE SHERRY LEE8326 PADDLE CREEKCounty/England Hill Created $73.14
Details3276BOYD ARTHUR & DONNA1228 CENTER STREETCatlettsburg Created $155.37
Details3605BRADLEY ROBERT R JRCANTRELL STREETAshland Created $123.34
Details3697BRANHAM VERNAMONTGOMERY AVENUEAshland Created $162.15
Details3741BRICKER KATHYCATLETTS CREEKCounty/England Hill Created $90.73
Details3824BROUGHTON DANNYWEST BUENA VISTA DRIVECounty/Cannonsburg Created $241.52
Details3825BROUGHTON DANNY & TERESA2637 WEST BUENA VISTA DRIVECounty/Cannonsburg Created $842.14
Details3880BROWN CLARENCE45TH STREETAshland Created $85.67
Details3889BROWN DARRELL R - ESTATE -39TH STREETAshland Created $105.08
Details3894BROWN DAVID FRANKLIN2512 MONROE STREETAshland Sold $723.77
Details3911BROWN EVERETT & LENAELTURA STREETAshland Created $60.55
Details3939BROWN JAMES MRS ANNIE2219 ELTURA STREETAshland Created $253.46